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IBF Consulting is a full service IT Consulting firm. As a Managed Service Provider, (MSP), we provide turnkey project work and complete outsourced solutions. "We are your outsourced IT department". Full lifecycle management of all technology and technology related functions are our responsibility. From design and implementation to support to relocation, we handle it all. Our 24x7 shop enables us to respond to emergencies anytime, anywhere and keeps us ahead of the curve. "We're there when you need us."

We specialize in small to midsize companies (SME). Our engineers come from a Fortune 500 or consulting background. We have taken Best-of-Breed enterprise-class solutions and have scaled them down to meet the needs and budgets of smaller organizations while maintaining the feel and functionality of the enterprise.

IBF Consulting recognizes that the success of your company depends on the ability to leverage technology. We are committed to helping businesses of all types and sizes discover the "Best of Breed" results in today's technology marketplace. To work with you in the most efficient way possible, we study and identify what makes up your individual corporate composition. In short, our goal is to become your "Technology Partner". Over the years, we've worked together with our clients to develop scalable technology transitions - from simple projects to complex full-scale technology initiatives. This includes corporate standards development, outsourcing efforts, and enterprise technology consolidation. Our extensive experience and proven success in project management, system implementation and resource development is your assurance that your project will be delivered on time and in budget. We invite you to become a part of the success our clients have experienced as a result of their relationship with IBF Consulting.

IBF Consulting has been servicing and supporting the technology needs of companies in the tri-state area since 2003. With over 40 active clients (over 80% are located in Manhattan), we support over 400 users. IBF's client list spans the numerous industries, including financial/ Wall Street, political, entertainment, professional services (legal, medical, accounting), fashion showrooms, and non-profit.

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