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In 2003, Ian Fischer founded IBF Consulting, Inc., a technology consulting firm targeted to businesses that are not large enough to warrant a full scale IT department. Bringing his client experience and understanding, customer service became his main focus. His responsibilities span running the company's operations as well as engagement management and solution delivery. Functioning as a Senior Engineer and Project Manager for all major engagements of the company allows Mr. Fischer to always stay on top of cutting edge technology which has enabled the organization to provide a unique value proposition for his clients.

Prior to founding IBF Consulting, Mr. Fischer worked for Martin Progressive, LLC for six years as a Senior Engineer and Vice President of Technology where he built a team of 15 engineers and managed all the business and technical aspects of over 25 clients in the tri-state area. He was also responsible for recommending and purchasing all IT related hardware and software for the firm and its clients. Additionally, he designed, built and maintained the company's wide area network which spanned 5 cities and over 225 users worldwide.

Upon graduating from University of Delaware, Mr. Fischer worked on Wall Street at numerous NYC based hedge funds. His responsibilities included managing back office operations and executing trades through DOT and brokers. His responsibilities ranged from handling movement of cash and securities between Prime Broker and securities firms, and creating a multi-currency accounting system to reconcile movements of cash between Prime Broker and securities firms including OTC derivatives and trade settlement.

Mr. Fischer holds a B.S. in Economics from University of Delaware.

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